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Experiencing financial difficulties? Gear & Co is here to guide you. As trusted insolvency lawyers, we specialise in assisting all stakeholders through the intricate landscape of liquidations, insolvency law, and related commercial disputes. Our lawyers have extensive experience navigating all aspects of liquidations and bankruptcies. You can rely on Gear & Co for our expertise and relentless support as you navigate the complexities of insolvency processes.

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Gear & Co's team of litigation and insolvency lawyers are outstanding. Their in-depth knowledge, personalised approach, and clear communication made a complex process manageable. Highly recommended for anyone seeking expert legal guidance in challenging situations.
Joy V.
Working with Chad was a great experience. His depth of knowledge on commercial litigation matters presented itself in an easy to understand format that allowed us to consider options from multiple viewpoints. This was a welcomed and fresh approach from a lawyer. I found Chad to be personable which made it easy to work through our issues and find the most appropriate outcome. Highly recommended.
Marcus Van Enk
I have had the pleasure of dealing with Chad Gear on a number of matter throughout the years. I would describe his team as being very efficient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend if anyone is requiring a litigation specialist.
Otto M.

Our lawyers specialise in insolvency law

Here’s what sets us apart:


We understand the litigation process and how to achieve your objectives in conditions of uncertainty.


We make ourselves available to you when you need us.


Relentless in our pursuit of favourable outcomes for our clients.

Common Questions

What to do if you expect your business is insolvent?

If you suspect your company is insolvent or in financial difficulty, we recommend obtaining legal and accounting advice as early as possible. Early assistance from an insolvency professional can minimise your risks, and increase the chance of saving your business.

Can I save my business if it is insolvent?

There are a number of options for business owners to ‘restructure’ a company, rescuing the business and avoiding liquidation.  Corporate restructuring provides an opportunity to assist a distressed business to recover, restructure, and otherwise avoid being forced into liquidation.  Restructuring often provides a better outcome for creditors and business owners, saving a business and jobs, and avoiding the consequences of liquidation.

What are the benefits of engaging insolvency lawyers?

Insolvency lawyers can provide advice in relation to protecting your assets, protecting your interests during insolvency processes, and provide advice in relation to the options available to you when seeking to save your business. Lawyers at Gear & Co have extensive experience across all facets of insolvency law, acting for insolvency practitioners, directors, companies and creditors.

What is the role of a liquidator?

A liquidator’s role is to protect, collect and sell company assets, investigate and report to creditors about the company’s affairs, inquire into the failure of the company (including possible offences by people involved in the company) and report to ASIC, and sell assets and distribute funds to creditors.

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