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Liquidation involves the appointment of an independent insolvency professional (a liquidator) to take over the management of a debtor company.

The goals of corporate insolvency involve:

The experience leading to the appointment of a liquidator can be a long and stressful process, which does not necessarily end with the appointment of a liquidator. Oftentimes, liquidators will take action against directors to recover property, or take legal action to recover property and funds which can then be used to pay creditors. For this reason, we recommend that directors obtain legal and/or accounting advice prior to the appointment of a liquidator. There are often steps which can be taken, prior to the appointment of a liquidator, which can minimise or eliminate legal problems arising after a liquidator is appointed.

Legal action by liquidators against company directors and other parties can involve claims for:

Our lawyers have extensive experience across all facets of insolvency law.  While we predominantly act for insolvency practitioners, we also accept instructions from business owners seeking guidance or representation through insolvency processes.

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