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Restructuring involves developing and implementing a strategy which helps a financially distressed business (and its creditors) recover and avoid liquidation.

If a company is facing financial difficulties, we can work with you to proactively implement a successful turnaround and restructuring strategy to save your business.

Our lawyers can assist with:

In particular, our lawyers can assist with restructuring through the Voluntary Administration process, which is where an independent insolvency accountant known as an ‘Administrator’ is appointed and takes control of a company to recommend and call a vote on the future of the company, ie. whether the company should:

A DOCA is one the outcomes of the Voluntary Administration process. This is where a ‘Deed Administrator’ manages a contractual arrangement between the company and its creditors. The usual objective of a DOCA is to generate a pool of funds which can then be distributed to creditors to satisfy their claims against the company, after which the company is returned to the control of the director/s.

We understand the complex environment, and various interests which must be managed in formal and informal restructures.

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